Let me just start this post off by saying that ending the most stressful school year of your life (junior year) and going straight into a month of constant travel can be hell for your skin. Recently my normally combination skin has been feeling quite dry and I'm honestly just not here for that. Earlier I popped in to the MAC store in the Grove and whilst venting to one of the workers, he showed me this lovely product called MAC Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel. 

"An ultra-light formula that intensely hydrates and leaves skin more supple and luminous."

I completely agree with this description, even though I've only been using this moisturizer a short time. Even just trying it on my hand in store I knew it was a keeper. Upon application it instantly soothes the skin and absorbs within 45 seconds. Because it's a water based moisturizer, it leaves skin feeling quenched and soft without feeling heavy or thick. At first I was weary of the fact that it was a gel because of the common misconception that it would make my skin look oily but after it absorbs it leaves you with more of a matte finish which is amazing. The moisturizer is a little costly at $39 but a little goes a long way and the results in themselves are worth it. All-in-all I would one hundred percent recommend this to every one regardless of skin type/condition. I can't wait to try out more of the Mineralize Charged Water line and just more MAC skin care products in general!

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