Hey babes! Today I have something that I've never done on here before but hope to do a lot more of, that's right I'm talking about DIYs. Lately I've been watching a variety of YouTube videos that have me itching to redecorate my room. This posed a problem at first considering I'm a broke high school student, then I remembered that I am an able bodied person that loves to get crafty. And that my friends, is exactly what I've been doing and what I'll be showing you how to do. And for my first DIY post we will be making mock terrariums. So enough with introduction, its time to get crafty!

For this DIY project you'll need:
 Faux succulent plant
 A container of your choice

This project is actually pretty self explanatory, but I'll still give you guys the rundown for any of you that don't know how to make a terrarium. To start off, you'll need to acquire all the materials above and any other decorations or adornments you may want in your terrarium. I found all of my supplies at the dollar store aside from the succulents in the first and third pictures. Once you've got all your supplies you put the sand in the container you chose, followed by your succulent, and finish with the rocks/decorations of your choice. Literally it's that easy! You now have a cute little terrarium that doesn't require any care, which is great if you're like me and have no trace of a green thumb.

If you do decide to give this a go then make sure to send me pictures via Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter or drop a comment down below to let me know how they turned out. Until next time.

All the love.

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