Today marks a very important benchmark in my high school career because as of today, I only have one month left of high school. I have finally reached the home stretch and I can taste the freedom from the hell that is high school. And considering senioritis is REAL and has been in full swing since, well honestly, probably the end of my junior year, I can already tell that this last month is going to be rough (and I don't even want to think about AP testing starting next week).

Now if I'm going to be completely honest, the thought of graduating has me ecstatic, but also completely terrified. The secondary education system is all I've really ever known so the thought of moving on to college and having so much freedom is scary. Not to mention that I have absolutely zero clue on how to adult. But I've always loved the idea of being independent and getting to do all the typical college things like finding a roommate and going shopping for dorm stuff. And I think it's safe to say that I am 100% to start the next step in my life, and I want you guys to join me.

I've decided to start a series deemed "The College Series" (creative, I know) which will consist of posts and videos about my college preparations. And with this series I hope to help soon to be college freshman like myself as well as soon to be high school seniors who are just starting their college journey. Keep in mind that I barely know anything and this will be me simply sharing my journey as a source of inspiration and maybe a little bit of guidance because I know I could've used more than I had. And with that being said, I'll see you at the next installation of The College Series.

All the love.

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