Christmas has come and gone which means that 2016 is getting ready to follow in it's footsteps. If you ask me, new years are far better gift givers than Santa Clause could ever be. A new year brings things far more valuable than any material good. They bring us new beginnings, adventures, experiences, and so much more. I absolutely love the beginning of a new year and while I'm sad to see 2016 go, I'm ecstatic for what 2017 will bring. 
Sentiments aside, I think that one of my absolute favorite part of ringing in the new year is the parties. Granted that probably comes from the cliché NYE parties that you see in movies, but still. You can't tell me that getting to go out dressed to the 9's to ring in the new year with loved ones doesn't sound like an amazing time. But since I don't have any special parties to go to this year (or ever), I decided to put together a few inspirational outfits that would be definite contenders if I were to venture out this New Year's Eve. 

Untitled #593
Style: Classy/Grunge
Key pieces: velvet, leather, and pearls.

Untitled #594
Style: Elegant
Key pieces: lace, leather, and faux fur. 

Untitled #595
Style: Classic/Quirky
Key pieces: silk, faux fur, and red lips.

Untitled #596
Style: Edgy/Cool Girl 
Key pieces: velvet, leather, ankle boots. 

Untitled #597
Style: Trendy
Key pieces: all white everything. 

One day I'll be the one standing in a fancy dress, wrapped in pearls, holding a glass of champagne waiting for my steamy New Year's Eve kiss. Well, that's the dream at least. Until then it'll just be me hanging out with my best friends, drinking cheap liquor from whoever or wherever we can get it from (until we turn 21) in my basement. But hey, at least I have something to work for. Until next time. 

All the love.

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