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Hola a todas en mi blog! Cómo están? 

     Alright, alright I know you guys are probably just like "Yo, Sarah! What's up with the Spanish? Did you like hit your head or something?" Well to answer your question, no, I am completely fine. The reason for all the Spainsh  is because I'm going to Spain for a month and I leave on Friday! *insert overly excited emoji here* I am literally so excited! And that's why I figured that it would be the perfect time for an airport/travel related post. (That and the fact that I'll be spending approximately 4 days in an airport round trip.)
     So the first thing that I'm going to
cover is what items are must to carrying in your bag while traveling. So here are my airport essentials:

1. Magazines to keep you occupied on those long layovers and in the sky.

2. Sunglasses because you might have a window seat and it could possibly be sunny. Plus you can also use them to hide the bags under your eyes if you couldn't sleep on your overnight flight.

3. Mini make up kit incase you are meeting someone and need to look presentable but don't want to wear make up on the actual flight.

4. A comb to tame the mane.

5. A watch to keep track of time in case you have a layover or want to see how long until you land.

6. Wallet and money because we all know you're going to have to buy something whether it's something necessary like food or something not so neccesary like a souvenir.

7. Gum so you aren't stuffing your face constaantly and to get rid of morning breath on those overnighters, and water because we're all thirsty bitches. Just kidding but you seriously have to stay hydrated or else you're going to feel terrible and tired which sucks.

8. Your phone because it never leaves your hand anyways and makes great entertainment (ie. Tumblr) and headphones to drown out the crying baby on the flight (there always is one) or the guy sitting next to you that snores like a beast.

9. A notebook because if you're like me you'll get the urge to doodle. I usually put my headphones in and write poetry, short stories, song lyrics, anything really.

10. And lastly, a fabulous but spacious bag to carry it all in!

     Now for the fun (and fashionable) part; the outfit. My saying when it comes to long distance travel is
'the comfier the better'. I mean that's half the fun of travel right? Getting to take the day off and dress kind of crappy? Yes and no. I am a big believer in not sacrificing comfortability for style and vice versa. You can dress comfortable without looking like you just crawled out from under a bridge.

One of my favourite go to outfits (traveling or not) consists of leggings, a tank top, a super long/oversized/fluffy cardigan, sneakers, and a messy top knot. It is seriously one of the most comfortable outfits you could put together but still looks cute as hell. Add a cute backpack to carry all of your things and you'll be all set!

Another favourite of mine is leggings, an oversized tee, and sneakers. This outfit is super easy to dress up to incase you have to be somewhere as soon as you step out of the airport. It also has a sort of grunge vibe to it so the chances of someone annoying asking to switch seats with you is unlikely. ;)

 For those late fall and early spring flights a slouchy long sleeve shirt and ripped jeans paired with slip ons and topped with a beanie is a nice choice. A cute bralette adds to the comfort while a bucket bag adds to the edge.

A cropped muscle tee, ripped jeans, sandals and a beanie is a super cool outfit for anytime but it's especially great for travel. Add a leather jacket and this can also double as a fall/winter outfit as well.

And lastly, a plain v-neck, ripped skinny jeans, and sneakers paired with a scarf and cute hat is simple but stylish. Oh, and don't forget the bralette! (Tbh this look reminds me of Harry Styles and I kind of love it.)

Well, that brings an end to our journey into airport fashion. So what are your airport essentials and go to aiport outfits? Let me know in a comment below! And if you have any questions about my trip or just about what Spain is like in general you can message me on Tumblr as well as leaving a comment!

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