Ever since Coachella happened back in April, I haven't been able to scroll through my Tumblr dashboard without seeing at least one picture from a festival or a festival  inspired picture. Festivals are usually looked at as a place to go full bohemian. Maxi skirts, crop tops, flower crowns, the whole enchilada. That got me thinking about people who don't particularly favour the whole bohemian style. With everyone posting outifts and other posts about bohemian festival style, I figured I'd switch it up and show you all a new festival style: festival grunge. Going grungey at a festival is a way to mix it up and stand out while still fitting in at a festival. So here we go with some examples of what I call festival grunge.

Way number one you could go grunge at a festival is with a boho/vintage skirt, a printed tank, a cute bag, and jellies. Add a fedora, some round sunnies, and your VIP pass and you have one of my favourite grunge looks that is totally festival worthy. Oh, and don't forget the flannel!

Here's a little math equation for you:
A cool kimono with some super distressed denim shorts, a printed crop tee, and sneakers + a floppy hat, round sunglasses, and some cool jewelry = a look that's a little less grungey than the last one but is super adorbs and still falls under the range of festival grunge. Now that's math I can do.

Another one of my favourite looks is just a simple tank dress with a flannel tied around the waist with some sandals. Add a head chain for a touch of that cool bohemian vibe annd voila! Probably one of the most effortless, comfortable, and stylish outfits you will ever wear to a festival.

Last but not least a look that can pass for an everyday look but can also work for a day at a small festival aswell. I probably wouldn't rock this outfit at a major or well known festival but for something low key - it's perfect. The highwaisted distressed shorts and the crop tee with the cool design on it paired with the sandals, bandana, and bucket bag are, again, another simple and effortless look that is still festival acceptable but does not fall under bohemian style. 

Now I know you guy are probably asking: Aside from these sets, what are some other ways you would do festival grunge in real life? Funny you should ask because last night I actually went to a concert at one of the huge local festivals my town has and rocked this trend. So here you have it! A real life example of festival grunge from yours truly! Now you may have seen this on my OOTD on Tumblr but here it is again! This my friends is how I did festival grunge for the concert. Looking at it, this outfit looks pretty similar to one of the sets from above but like I said, it's one of my favourite looks! I wore a t-shirt dress and hat from H&M, a flannel from DEB, and Topshop boots. I would just like to say that I love wearing flannel around my waist because 1.) it takes me back to my childhood in the 90's and 2.) when it got chilly I took it off and used it as a source of warmth. Double win! So I hope you guys try out this style even if you aren't going to a festival. And if you do try out something similar to one of the outfits above or if you put together your own look then be sure to hit me up with some pictures or just your thoughts on the trend! For more similar or other style outifts, you can always check out my Polyvore and I do take requests on my main Tumblr. All my social network accounts are linked on the sidebar to the right and are also linked on my Tumblr FAQ page so hit me up sometime! You message me about anything in the world and I will do my best to give you an acceptable answer, and even if you just want to talk - I'm all ears! Talk to you guys later!    

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