Hello my lovely little pumpkin doughnuts! As if autumn isn't enough to lift your spirits (well, if you're me anyways), one of my favourite nights of the year is right around the corner. That's right, I'm talking about HALLOWEEN!!! *insert cute little ghost emoji* And then to top it all off, I just found out that I have a 5 day weekend for Halloween - not actually for Halloween itself, it's like teacher work days or something - and let me just say that this is going to be one hell of a Halloween. I can't tell you why I love Halloween so much, maybe it's the candy or maybe it's the havoc, but I'm just drawn to it. If you're like me you believe that one is simply never too old to go trick or treating. And you also spend weeks searching for and planning the perfect costume. This year the way I came about the idea for my costume was both brilliant and unspectacular all at once. Since I just downed 2 cups of hazelnut coffee and am feeling realllll good right now, I'm going to tell you guys the story of how I decided what to be before I get on with the rest of the post.

*flashback to a few weeks ago* So to set the scene for you guys, me and few of my friends were at the mall eating chinese food, wreaking havoc, the usual. So naturally we went into PacSun because it's one of the few stores in our mall that doesn't suck. Naturally I put on a black fedora from the Kendall & Kylie collection because, let's be honest, I'm obsessed with hats rn. When I went to ask my friend what they thought, one of my friends named Hayden said, and I quote, "You look like one of the girls from American Horror Story Coven! I love it!" And that's when it hit me. *end of flash back*

So long story short, I found out what I was going to be for Halloween but I didn't buy the hat because I didn't have money. And for those of you who might not have picked up what I was putting down and are still wondering what my costume is, I have two words for you: Zoe Benson. And for those of you who have never watched AHS, Zoe Benson is the character played by Taissa Farmiga in Coven. And the best thing - I basically wear black like 24/7 so I already have 99% of the clothes I need! So here is my prosepective Halloween aesthetic:
Along with planning my own costume, I love to help other people plan theirs too. So naturally, I made a few polyvore sets to help those of you still struggling with their costume. So here you are my lovelies - I hope these are enough to get you creative juices flowing!

Enjoy! And chop chop! Halloween is right around the corner!

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